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Reconstruction of the Loading Dock of Kievsky Station in Moscow

Train shed is adjacent to the building of Kievsky Station: the space above the platforms is covered with the huge glass arch cover (the length is 321 m, the span width is 47.9, the height is 28 m, the weight of structures exceeds 1250 t) having the shape of parable. High steel three-hinged arch trusses are well seen from the platforms, they demonstrate gracefulness of the stately structure.

Vladimir Shukhov (Shukhov Tower) was the architect of the train shed.

The first train left from the unique perron of Kievsky Station on February 18, 1918.

In its epoch, the graceful glass and metal structure was an embodiment of the most progressive architectural thinking. Nevertheless, the structures supporting extremely heavy weight of glass worn out over the time. Having examined the structure, the specialists of the Central Red Banner of Labor Research, Scientific and Design Institute of Construction Metal Structures named after Melnikov came to the conclusion that coverings were in emergency condition and required urgent repair. Only 6 steel arches of 31 were found to be in relatively good condition. The specialists decided to keep them as a historic monument, and to completely replace the remaining structures with new ones.

Today, the train shed is almost reconstructed by original drawings. But in this case, the constructors have used the most advanced types of anticorrosion steel and heavy-duty glass. Some tracks under the train shed were allocated for high-speed traffic of express trains to «Vnukovo» Airport.

Chief Project Engineer: T.V. Shifrina

Chief Design Specialist: V.F. Belyaev

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