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Capital Repair of the Station Building at Balashikha Station

The project of capital repair of the station building at Balashikha affected not only the station building, but also the adjacent territory.

Ground parking for 67 cars, passage through the delivery railway track on the territory of the production and storage complex were designed.

Channeled crossing with speed change lanes was designed for safe entrance to the territory, where loading-unloading of railway cars is carried out.

The project of car and passenger traffic management during operation of Balashikha Railway Station at Sovetskaya Street in Balashikha, Moscow region, was developed in accordance with the requirements of GOST 23457-86 «Traffic Control Devices. Rules of application», GOST 10807-78 «Car signs» (additions of 1984, 86 and 90), GOST 51256-99 «Road markings», SNiP 2.05.02-85 «Car roads», SNiP 2.07.01-89 «Town planning. Planning and development of city and rural settlements», VSN 25-86 «Guidelines for assurance of traffic safety at car roads», the Ministry of Car Roads of the RSFSR, VSN 23-75 «Guidelines on road signs», as well as the directions of the Main Administration of the Road Police of the Russian Federation.

Chief Project Engineer: I.V. Kruglova


V.M. Rossolovksy

A.Y. Lebedev

Designer: O.I. Savelyeva