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News of construction of Moscow Ring Railway

23 august 2014

In August, Russian Railways announced the completion of the reconstruction of 40 percent of the Moscow Small ring railway. At the end of 2015 the city authorities promise to start up the first "ring" train in full compliance with the fashionable European trend of the recent years.

The use of the rail lines for passenger transportation in the city has become a global trend in recent years. In many cities of the world the length of railway lines for urban trains and high-speed rail systems exceeds the length of underground lines. Ring Railways operate in London, Sydney, Helsinki and other European cities.

Full electrification of the Small ring was made. The reconstruction was completed at stations Presnya and Kanatchikov, all construction work completed on the stretch Cherkizovo - Lefortovo of the Moscow Small ring railway. On nine of the twelve stretches workers laid rail tracks. Gagarin Square, Luzhniki and City stops are equipped by the railwaymen, by the end of the year another 14 stops is planned to be constructed.

Work on the project "Reconstruction and development of the Moscow small ring railway" is progressing on schedule, which was approved by management and agreed by the Moscow government.

The project developed by the "Moszheldorproject" branch envisages the construction of 32 stops, which gradually will be turned into the transport hubs (TPU). On 22 of them it will be possible to transfer to the nearby subway stations, transfer to the radial direction of the Moscow railway junction will be organized on nine TPU.

According to our ideas it will look as follows: in the north, by arriving at the station Vladikino or Botanicheski Sad, it will be possible to transfer to appropriate subway station.It will be less than 300 meters by walk from each station. Coming out on platforms Okrujnaya and Nicholaevskaya, passengers will be able to get into the subway and at the stations of Savelovsky and Leningrad directions of the Moscow railway. TPU throughout the ring will be organized similarly. Stations Khoroshevo, City, Kutuzovo will appear in the West of Moscow. Warsawskaya station with transfer to the train to Paveletsky station will lock the South direction. In the South-Eastern and Eastern districts trains will follow up Hohlovsky, Ryazan, Lefortovo, Izmailovo, Cherkizovo stations.

According to the approved project, 100 pairs of trains on two selected paths of the Moscow Small ring railway will run per day. Interval of movement in rush hours will be about six minutes. New interchange circuit will draw off some of the passengers traffic from subway and radial lines of the Moscow railway junction in the Central part of the city. This will allow to evenly load transportation system of Moscow and will provide passengers with more convenient options for transfers and trips around town. In the trains will be from five to ten carriages that can accelerate till 120 miles per hour. Each train will accommodate at least 1,250 people. In the carriages will not be tambours, but there will appear Wi-Fi network and systems of climate control.

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